Postdoc opening (CLOSED)

April 27, 2023

Designing (super)conducting nanothreads

Nanothreads are novel one-dimensional carbon-based nanomaterials. One defining feature of nanothreads is the unique combination of extreme thinness (only a few Å in diameter) and rigidity (multiple covalent bonds connecting each unit). Functional groups can be introduced to nanothreads via proper choice of precursors or post-polymerization functionalization. The rigidity of nanothread backbone could allow desired alignment of functional groups in terms of order and spacing, which may open opportunities to many interesting applications. Certain nanothreads made from (substituted) furan or thiophene have the O or S atoms aligned on the same side of the thread, with spacing of about 2.6 Å. The overlap of the 2pz atomic orbitals of O or S at such short non-bonded distances leads to a fully-filled band with large band width. Hole-doping is expected to render this nanothread conducting.

The candidate will work on computing and analyzing the band structures and electron- phonon interactions in this type of nanothreads, considering advanced theoretical methods beyond the harmonic approximation, with the goal of designing (by changing the heteroatoms, substituents, dopants, and even the backbone structures) conducting and possibly superconducting nanothreads. The position is 2 years and co-hosted by the groups of Bo Chen ( and Ion Errea (

IMPORTANT: The starting date of the position must be before July 1, 2023.

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