Ania Beatriz Rodriguez (Autonomous University of Madrid) • summer research intern • 2022 Jorge Cardenas-Gamboa (University of Barcelona) • summer research intern • 2021

Bo Chen (the PI)

ORCID: 0000-0002-5084-1321 Google Scholar Publons Dr. Bo Chen obtained his Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry in 2011 at Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry in China (advisors: Profs. Yun-Dong Wu and Yu-Xue Li). He then moved to the US to carry out postdoctoral research at University of North Texas (2012-2014, advisor: Prof. Weston Borden) and Cornell University (2014-2018, advisor: Prof. Roald Hoffmann) before joining the Pennsylvania State University as an Assistant Research Professor in 2018. ... Read more …

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Current openings & opportunities: Master in Nanoscience Final Project Postdoc needs to be self-funded at this moment. We are happy to provide help in applying for external postdoc fellowship/funding. All inquiries are welcome!

Mohammed Loukili (PhD candidate, 2021-) Current research My research consists of using computational chemistry to explore cycloadditions and organocatalysis high pressure. First, we will be using the XP-PCM method to look into the effect of pressure on cycloaddition reactions and study the possible violation of the Woodward-Hoffmann rules. Second, we will look into interesting organocatalysis systems in order to evaluate the effect of pressure on the obtained stereoselectivity. Finally, we will experimentally verify interesting predictions from calculations. ... Read more …